vTiger customization/development

vTiger CRM is a dynamic community of developers and users with contributors from many different countries. It is accessible in various languages, with a strong partner network in a state like Idaho. Unlike most extravagant CRM offerings, vtiger CRM provides small and medium enterprise with completely free open source software with little support and customization cost. Our intention is to provide highest level of satisfaction to our clients and with vTiger we give them with an in-house CRM to handle the business in productive manner.

We also provide many customization features and extensibility to access your CRM solution to meet the needs of your business. Even, where you need new functionality to be added. We do give enterprise quality business enhancement add-ons such as vtiger Office Plug-in for Microsoft Office users, vtiger Outlook Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook users  and Thunderbird Extension for Thunderbird / Mozilla users.


Our vtiger services include-

  • vTiger customization
  • vTiger web services
  • vTiger module development
  • vTiger module integration (PBX setup, QuickBooks, Webforms… etc.)
  • vTiger LMS development
  • vTiger customer portal
  • vTiger support and maintenance

We are having presence in USA, Meridian, Idaho and Boise.