eCommerce site development

What makes a good website? People in USA, Meridian try to get the big picture by writing a site outline first. The content they develop and publish should directly relate to and help to achieve the goals and objectives one can set for the website.

A well-thought-out site outline comprises:

Content: The key to a well built site is content. It not only provides the site visitors lots of interesting information but also incentives to visit and buy and directions to contact you. Once your site is actively running- continuous update and adding fresh content keep people coming back.

Structure: It’s vital to decide how many pages need to have and how they’ll be linked to each other. Need to select graphics and icons that enhance the priority of that content.

Design: Site design comes next with the content and structure in place. Need to concentrate on simplicity, readability and consistency at the time of designing. Always remember to focus on what you want to accomplish.

Navigation:  Make it easy and enjoyable for customers to browse the site as much as they can. For instance, never leave visitors at a dead end and don’t use more than two or three links to major areas.

Credibility: This is a fact that one shouldn’t be lost in the bells and whistles of establishing a website. The site should reach out to every visitor. It should look very professional and should provide potential customers the same feeling of confidence; they would get with a phone call or face-to-face interaction with you. Company’s full contact information for instance- company name, telephone, fax and e-mail, complete address should appear on most of individual web pages.





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