Clean Code

As “Donald Knuth” rightly said that Programming is the art of telling another human what one wants the computer to do & that is exactly what we strongly believe in.

We believe in writing CLEAN codes, which not only the computer understands easily rather ANY on-looker (with basic coding knowledge) can easily understand.

To do the same, we choose the right tool for the task in hand, write self-documenting code & optimize the performance of the transmitting and receiving codes.

According to wiktionary, software code that is formatted correctly and in an organized manner so that another coder can easily read or modify it is termed as clean code.

We strive to write programs as per specific requirement of the job but then we do make sure that we follow the architecture, framework and coding standard which are not only of high standards, agile in nature but most importantly those are very easy to understand and could be modified by any other coder.